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Ascension Board-Off Handle

Ascension Board-Off Handle

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Introducing the Ascension Board-Off Handle, the ultimate solution for kiteboarders looking to take their skills to the next level. Our 3D-printed handle is specifically designed to make board-off maneuvers easier to perform, thanks to its double height compared to other handles on the market. With the Ascension Board-Off Handle, you'll have the leverage you need to execute even the most challenging board-off tricks with ease.

Like our other custom kiteboard handles, the Ascension Board-Off Handle is fully customizable with the engraving of your choice. Whether you want to show off your kite school logo or add your personal touch, we can make it happen. And if your handle ever breaks, we offer a free replacement for your peace of mind.

As with our other handles, the Ascension Board-Off Handle comes in a variety of form factors, each designed to work with specific brands. To ensure a perfect fit, we strongly recommend measuring the hole spacing on your current board before purchasing.

After you've made your purchase, one of our designers will reach out to you via email to discuss your custom engraving. Once we've created a digital rendering of your design and you've approved it, your handle will be moved into our print queue for production.

All Ascension handles are made from high-quality PETG material and sanded by hand to ensure a smooth, comfortable feel. Invest in an Ascension Board-Off Handle for a durable, leverage-enhancing, and personalized addition to your kiteboarding gear.

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